About Us

An Energy Supplement Made with Real Milk Chocolate!

Energems were created by people, like you, who need a boost of energy to get them through the day. Disenchanted with messy and bitter tasting liquid Energy Shots and Supplements, we at NRG Innovations developed Energems as a highly effective, portionable, portable and shareable energy supplement that tastes great! Energems have been analyzed and endorsed by some of the country’s most noted food-science specialists for taste, safety of ingredients and effectiveness.

One box of Energems has the boost equivalent of a leading energy drink. A single serving of Energems (3 gems) has about the same amount of caffeine as a strong cup of coffee.
One box, which contains 9 delicious gems, provides energy throughout the day.

Re-Sealable Package

Energems are portionable, shareable and portable. Energems come in a re-sealable package, which means you can enjoy energy when you need it, as you need it over a longer period of time, unlike shots or drinks which must be consumed over a one or two day period.

Active Ingredients

Energems not only boost energy, but they also enhance focus and concentration thanks to ingredients such as Suntheanine®, B-vitamins and amino acids. Energems’ exclusive energy blend also helps increase endurance, improve memory, reduce fatigue and decrease the effects of stress.

Taste Survey

An independent, national survey showed that 91% of Americans enjoy the taste of chocolate and would buy an energy product made with real milk chocolate. If you are among the millions of American chocolate lovers, you will love Energems!

Energy As You Need It, When You Need It™†

You can discretely re-energize anywhere, at any time with delicious chocolate gems in a re-sealable box.


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